1. Our objective is to make continually improving Safe Work Practices second nature to everything every one of us does every day.
  2. Eliminating injury is a measurable accomplishment with immeasurable value. We owe it to our families, ourselves, and each other.
  3. The tools and procedures we use to achieve a safe work place include:
    • Predetermining job-site specific and task related hazards.
    • Planning, designing, equipping and training to abate hazards before work begins.
    • Continuously monitoring, evaluating, communicating, problem solving, and retraining as the project proceeds.
    • Encouraging, highly valuing, and responding to the awareness, involvement, and ideas of all workers, inspectors, owner/community representatives, supervisors, engineers, and managers alike.
    • Meeting and exceeding OSHA Standards.


G. Moehrle Masonry, founded in 1985, is a company of skilled masons and the people who support masons engaged in their craft.  For over three decades, the quality and intelligence of the hard-working resilient people we have been associated with; the reliable characteristics of the adaptable material we build with; and the useful, creative purpose of the work itself have shaped us into the forward thinking company we are today.  Building onward.

From Your Perspective

  • “Moehrle Masonry’s work at the Gaithersburg High School Renovation project was top-notch. This very large project required that they maintain both high production and attention to detail. The entire building was made up of CMU interior partitions with brick veneer over a steel superstructure. At several locations there are load-bearing structural brick archways which required a very high attention to detail to complete. Their office and field leadership did a fantastic job for us and contributed to the projects’ overall success. I look forward to working with them again.”
    Aaron Mengel, Senior Project Manager HESS Construction
  • “Oak Contracting always knows what to expect from George Moehrle Masonry. Quality, experience, and safety are brought to the table on both public and private work. Moehrle is a proactive team player who produces on time.”
    Gary Murphy Oak Contracting
  • "I was the Project Manager for “The Village at Orchard Ridge” project in Winchester, VA which was an $81 million dollar project consisting of a 286,000 SF 4 story apartment and commons building, 7,258 SF chapel and a 23,850 SF skilled care building for which G. Moehrle Masonry did the masonry work including CMU and Brick Veneer. Moehrle masonry approached the job in a professional manor and their level of quality on the project was excellent. The project included several types of special shapes, pre-cast elements and hundreds of jack arches which Moehrle handled without issue."
    Rob Wagoner, PM Howard Shockey & Sons
  • “I am currently working with Moehrle Masonry on a new elementary school project, and have worked with them on a number of school construction projects over the past 15 years. Moehrle Masonry’s Project Managers and Foremen are very knowledgeable and are committed to delivering a top quality project.”
    Francis Mackrell SPN, Inc.
  • “SPN has worked with GMM on several K-12 projects over the last 15 years. We are currently involved in two school projects with GMM. They are very experienced in this competitive market and deliver quality masonry projects every time.“
    Dave Alexander SPN, Inc.
  • "Having had the pleasure of working with Moerhle Masonry for several decades, we have come to expect a high level of quality and unprecedented ability to meet or beat a project schedule. Our experiences together range up to constructing several high schools with Moehrle as the masonry contractor."
    Robert C. (Buddy) Henley, President Henley Construction Co., Inc.


Air Barrier Association of America Mid-Atlantic Masonry Association